Eminent - Property Management System

Property Listing and Reservations Management

Thank you for purchasing our scritpt. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email provided in the support section. Thanks so much!

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Eminent is the perfect script for any type of real estate or property rental business. It helps to publish your properties catalogue online and professionally record and manage reservations and the parties involved as well as the accounts. It is a great user friendly product as it covers aspects of the insdustry and has great interface design.

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Server Requirements

Of course the project is based on Laravel framework. You require following server qualification.

PHP >= 5.5.9
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension

Upload Files

Unzip and upload the files and folder to root of your server so that the folder 'public' of your application exposes to the folder 'public_html' under your hosting.

Upload Database

Create a fresh MySql Database on your server and import the database file eminent.sql

Open the file '.env ' located above the public_html folder and update the values for database name, username and password.


SMTP Settings for Email Authentication

Update the .env file for SMTP values provided by your server.


Site URL Configuration

Go to config/app.php and update the url for your site.

'url' => 'http://your-site.com',

Setup Cronjob

You do it through cPanel facility or any external service of your choice.

The capturing of scheduled payments require at least one call in every 24 hours.





Company Name is your website title.
Company Email is your website email. Enter Your website address to publicly display.
Website URL/Address.
It is also displayed publically on your template’s footer and settings page.


Can manage your header and end of your site's footer.
You can here upload your business logo also.
They are visible on the frontend of your site.


Your payment settings are managed here.


Shows rental policies on the website frontend on the show property page.

Administrator Account

Manage here the details of Admin User Contact, Password, and Avatar.
At leat a good trainging/understanding of the following steps is worth your time in order to bring smart results.
  1. Login/Logout
  2. Password Reset
  3. Properties & Supporter Modules.
  4. Reservations
  5. Home Page Sliders
  6. Content Management

Of course you can practice with dummy data first and then go live with real project.

The downloaded script comes with same login and password as on the live demo.

Creating of your first property is done only after having prepared values in following tables.
So please go to following and add information.
  1. Property Types 
  2. Seasons
  3. Features 
  4. Amenities 
  5. Facilitators 
  6. Owners
Now in the backend each property has fields to fill details about:
You can also assign Housekeeper & Maintenance Vendor to a Property.
You can setup Owner of the Property and Private Notes too.

Each property can be loaded with proper values in Prices, Amenities, Features, Google map etc.

Well, the system here is designed for accepting a Reservation only if the Property is Vacant on the calendar.
A new reservation is created by providing Guest's name, address, email, phone and other details.
There is an automatic calculation of prices to save your time which works according to the defined Seasons/Periods of Dates for the system and the rates per night, week, month for a Property.
Please note that Creating Reservations depends on having defined Line Items, Seasons and Prices of Property.

Content Management System

You can add different kinds of Contents Categories by:


There is also a cool system integrated for creating/managing/deleting items of navigation menu.

It will be our pleasure to serve you for your needs in customization of design and/or programming in order to make your busiess boost.

Contact us at: support@noble-soft.com for reporting bugs or other help required.